michaelʻs Hawaiian jazz music

na mele o Hawaii


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Members of Michaelʻs uke and guitar Ohana (family)

 Photos to come.... of Michaelʻs favorite instruments, and celebrities etc.

My eldest daughter Malia, opened the show; Kupuna benefit concert: 2/17/08

Including Bill Tapia

Concert with Uncle Bill Tapia; 100 yrs old; the "Duke of Uke" with red Lymana uke; Jeff Peterson; guitar. and "Ethyl" String Quartet.

Next day (see below photoʻs see me "jammin with the Duke"!!! the weather was warm and Bill hot. Pat Enos, Billʻs roomate; excellent uke player too.

Iʻm in my glory; we played "Over the Rainbow" in Billʻs jazz styling". Billʻs playing is like history unfolded, unfolding again. I have my Kelii tenor uke and Bill is playing my King longscale mahogany tenor, tuned in Bb. He kept thinking he had to adjust the tuning since he is used to C tuning. He loved William Kingʻs instrument. Thatʻs mom "Angeline" whispering sweet nothings in uncleʻs ear. Youʻll be happy to hear I didnt take too much of Bills time, as he had a concert, and instead he had a 2 hour lomi lomi treatment from Malia and Lalita!!! they showered him with love head to toe!!!