Learn Lomi Lomi

One Day Workshop hosted by Michael and Malia 

Angelines Lomi Kauai 

Take a day to learn all that we know about authentic Hawaiian Lomi.

A hands-on adventure for novice and experienced souls.

We believe that "in order to give you must recieve"; when you experience lomi at Angelines, you are learning to recieve. Michael can help you learn the tools to be a "giver".

Lomi Lomi is a life-long aspect of a loving life, and MIchael and Malia will share the gift they have received from a life practicing Lomi and living the Hawaiian culture, in a half day hands-on workshop where you can learn basic techniques and the spiritual intent that underlies Hawaiian wellness treatments. 

Anytime we can get a few interested souls, we will schedule a Saturday    4 hour session at Angelines Lomi Kauai. Couples welcome.

Call 808 822 3235 or Email for more info: lomikauai@angelineslomikauai.com